200 SEO Factors That Could Affect Your Position on Google


Domain Age

Keyword Appears in Top Level Domain

Keyword As First World in Domain

Domain Registration Length

Keyword in Subdomain Name

Domain History

Exact Match Domain

Publick vs Private Whois

Penalized Whois Owner

Country TLD extensions


Keyword in Title Tag

Title Tag Starts with Keyword

Keyword in Description Tag

Keyword Appears in H1 Tag

Keyword is Most Frequently Used Phrased in Document

Content Length

Keyword Density

Latent Segantic indexing Keywords in Content(LSI)

LSI Keywords in Title and Description Tag

Page Loading Speed via HTML

Duplicate Content

Rel Canonical

Page Loading Speed via Chrome

Image Optimization

Recency of Content Updates

Magnitude of Content Updates

Historicak Updates Page Updates

Keyword Prominence

Keyword in H2, H3 Tags

Keyword Word Order

Outbound Link Quality

Outbound Link Theme

Grammar and Spelling

Syndicated Content

Helpful Supplement Content

Number of Outbound Links


Number of Internal Links Pointing to Page

Quality of Internal Links Pointing to Page

Broken Links

Reading Level

Affilated Links

HTML errors / W3C validation

Page Host`s Domain Authority

Page`s PageRank

URL Length

URL Path

Human Editors

Page Category

Wordpress Tags

Keyword in URL

URL String

References and Sources

Bullets and Numbered Lists

Priority of Page in Sitemap

Too Many Outbound Links

Quantity of Other Keywords Page Ranks For

Page Age

Use Friendly Layout

Parked Domains

Useful Content


Content Provides Value and Unique Insightd 

Contact Us Page

Domain Trust / TrustRank

Site Architecture

Site Updates

Number of Pages

Presence of Sitemap

Site Uptime

Server Location

SSL Certificate

Terms of Service and Privacy Pages

Duplicate Meta Information On-Site

Breadcrum Navigation

Mobile Optimized


Site Usability

Use of Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools

User Reviews / Site Reputation


Linking Domain Age

# of Linking Root Domains

# of Links from Seprate C-Class IPs

# of Linking Page

Alt Tag (for Image Links)

Link from edu or gov Domains

PR of Linking Page

Author of Linking Domain

Links From Competitors

Social Shares or Referring Pages

Links from Bad Neighborhood

Guest Post

Links to Homepage Domain that Page Site on

Nofollow Links

Diversity of Link Types

"Sponsored Links" Or Other Words Around Links

Contextual Links

Excessive 301 Redirect to Page

Backlinks Anchor Text

Internal Link Anchor Text

Link Title Attribution

Country TLD of Referring Domain

Link Location in Content

Link Location on Page

Linking Domain Relevancy

Page Level Relevancy

Text Around Links Sentiment

Keyword in Title

Position Link Velocity

Negative Link Velocity

Links From "Home" Pages

Link from Authority Sites

Linked to as Wikipedia Souce


Backlink Age

Links from Real Sites vs Splogs

Natural Link Profile

Reciprocal Links

User Generated Content Links

Links from 301

Schema.org Microformats

DMoz Listed

Yahoo! Directory Listed

Number of Outbound Links on Page

Forum Profile Links

Word Count of Linking Content

Quality of Linking Content

Sitewide Links



Organic CTR for ALL Keywords

Bounce Rate

Direct Traffic

Repeat Traffic

Blocked Sites

Chrome Bookmarks

Google Toolbar Data

Number of Comments

Dwell Time


Query Deserves Freshness

Query Deserves Diversity

User Browsing History

User Search History

Geo Targeting

Safe Search

Google Circle

DMCA Complaints

Domain Diversity

Transactional Searches

Local Searches

Google News Box

Big Brand Preference

Shopping Results

Image Results

Easter Egg Results

Single Site Result for Brands


Number of Tweets

Authority of Twitter Users Accounts

Number of Facebook Liks

Facebook Shares

Authority of Facebook User Account

Pinterest Pins

Votes on Social Sharing Sites

Number of GooglePlus

Authority of GooglePlus User Account

Verfied GooglePlus Authorsship

Sicial Signal Relevancy

Site Level Social Signals


Brand Name Anchor Text

Branded Searches

Site Has Facebook Page and Likes

Site has Twitter Profile with Followers

Official Linkedin Company Page

Employees Listed at Linked

Legitimacy of Social Media Account

Brand Mentions on news Sites

Co- Citations

Number of RSS Subscribers

Brick and Mortar Location With GooglePlus Local Listing

Website is Tax Paying Business


Website is Tax Paying Business

Latent Sema Indexing Keywords in Content (LSI)

Links to Bad Neighboarhoods


Site Over-Optimized

Page Over-Optimized

Ads Above the Fold

Hiding Affiliate Links

Affiliate Site

Autogenerated Content

Excess PageRank Sculption

IP Adress Flagged as Spam

Meta Tag Spamming


Unnatural Influx of Links

Penguin Penality

Link Profile with High % of Low Quality Links

Linking Domain Relevancy

Unnatural Links Warning

Links From the Same Class IP

"Poison" Anchor Text

Manual Penality

Selling Links

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