Amasty Full Page Cache Extensions Review By Brijesh

Full Page Cache Warmer for Magento 2

Solve the cache updating problem once and for all and speed up your Magento 2 store. Use a smart crawler tool to monitor page cache statuses and timely warm the cache when it's necessary. Therefore, when the time of the traffic spike comes, your website will be loaded much faster.

  1. Warm all important pages first
  2. Automated cache warming process
  3. Exclude specific pages from warming
  4. Auto-update cache after the changes
  5. Warmer log & performance reports


  • HTTP authentication
  • Enable/disable certificate verification
  • Provides Google with fresh page versions
  • Works with Magento 2 Varnish Cache and default File Cache
  • Custom delay interval for crawler requests
  • Customizable log size
  • Higher SEO rankings with faster load time
  • User-friendly interface & intuitive configuration

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The Magento 2 Full Page Cache Warmer carefully sorts site pages selecting the ones that should be cached first of all and adds them to a special cache warming queue. Once the queue is generated, the cache warmer starts processing it using cron. The pages are generated emulating multiple parameter combinations and then cached.


Automatically generate a cache warming queue

With the extension a store admin can easily generate a cache warming queue in accordance with the set parameters to keep the cache on the most popular pages warm.

Specify queue generation source

Select the source the links for crawler will be extracted from:

  • specific page types;
  • XML sitemap with pages priority;
  • custom .TXT file with one link per line.

Prioritize pages for warming

Choose page types that should be processed by the crawler. Drag and drop pages to set up processing priority according to your needs. The Magento 2 cache warmer works with 4 different page types:

  • Home page;
  • Product pages;
  • Category pages;
  • CMS pages.

Exclude pages

Extension settings let you warm the cache of specific pages. Simply specify the pages you need to exclude, thus taking cache warming process over total control.

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