Angular Tutorial

This "Angular 8 Tutorial" will help you learn Angular 8 completely along with a step by step demonstration on how to create an Angular project from scratch. 

Below are the topics covered in this Angular Tutorial for Beginners: 

2:47 Traditional web applications 

3:27 Single page applications 

4:27 Drawbacks of AngularJS and Rise of Angular 

5:14 What is Angular? 

5:43 Difference between AngularJS and Angular 

6:43 Who uses Angular? 

6:56 Why is Angular so popular? 

8:48 What is new in Angular 8? 

10:29 Angular Architecture 

12:20 Installing VS Code and Angular 

13:24 Installing Node.js 

17:30 Files and Folders Created while Creating a new project 

24:58 Simple Project 

26:00 Working of Angular application 

28:01 Typescript 

1:03:28 Building Blocks of Angular 

1:22:15 Demo 

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