AWS for Startups

Learn how to get started with AWS. This is a practical guide for early stage startups interested in using AWS. You will learn how to create an AWS account, deploy an application, budget scaling applications, and more. 

⭐️Course Contents ⭐️ ☁ 

Getting Started (0:00:18

Meet Your Instructor (0:01:04

Setting Up Your AWS Account (0:05:17

Avoid Overbilling by Creating AWS Budgets and Billing Alarm (0:13:17

Securing Root Account and Create an Administrative User (0:21:42

Setting up Multi-Account and Creating a Cross-Account Role (0:34:38

Crash Course on AWS Security Services (0:52:20)

Reviewing The Best Free-Tier AWS Services (1:02:49

AWS Activate and Keeping Track of AWS Credits ☁ Architectures (1:17:14

Evolution of Servers (1:25:30

Technical Architectures and Technical Responsibility ☁ Let’s Get Building (1:38:29

Registering a Domain Name with Route53 (1:42:36

Setting up A Development Environment on Cloud9 (1:46:56

Setting up Your Marketing Website on S3 and CloudFront (2:07:40

How do I deploy my web-application to Elastic Beanstalk? (2:20:35

Sending Emails Via Your Web-Application using SES (2:30:23

Creating a Business Email Using Amazon WorkMail (2:36:56

Setting Up A Wordpress with using LightSail or EC2 (2:47:57)

Sending Campaign Emails using PinPoint (2:56:01

Launching a Sample Mobile Application Using AWS Amplify ☁ Tips (3:08:48

Why you should consider paying for AWS Support (3:18:02

Why you should use these AWS Services To Get Better Technical Positioning (3:36:56

Why you should avoid using EC2 Key Pairs and Instead Use Sessions Manager (3:47:20

Why you should try to run your Web-Application in at Least 3 AZs (3:51:29

Why you should avoid assigning users Administrative Access and use these Policies Instead (3:58:49

Why you should use decentralized authentication such as Cognito Bon Voyage (4:02:37

Thank You and Additional AWS Resources 

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