Current Affairs 02 March 2021

India Chile Defence Deals - Ship built in India by L&T reaches Chile Valparaiso Harbour

Punjab vs Uttar Pradesh Mukhtar Ansari - Why is BSP MLA Mukhtar Ansari in jail?

Tourism Policy for Caravan in India - How Caravans can boost tours and tourism in India?

Arjun Main Battle Tank Mark 1A - Challenges regarding weight & maneuverability of Arjun Tank

Lateral Entry in Civil Services, Merits and Demerits - Centre announces 30 lateral entry posts

Centre to privatise Sports Stadiums - GoI aims to boost asset monetisation

Draft National Policy on Migrant Workers by NITI Aayog - Major issues with existing law explained

Global Computer Chip Supply Chain - Biden Administration selects Taiwan over China

Role of China in Mumbai Power Outages - Is China using cyber warfare to tame India?

India Saudi Arabia Relations - Security ties between India and Saudi getting stronger

India first underwater tunnel in Mumbai - Know facts about Mumbai undersea tunnel

New Information Technology Rules 2021 - How it will change the INTERNET in India?

Covid 19 Vaccination second drive begins - Who is qualified for vaccination?

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