Current Affairs 07 December 2020

Neom City Saudi Arabia - Know all about $500 billion mega city project

India to set up Worlds biggest renewable energy park at Pakistan border in Kutch Gujarat

What is Contract Farming? What are the reasons behind Contract Farmings failure in Punjab?

Israel Saudi Arabia Relations - Will Israeli PM Netanyahus secret visit to Saudi pacify relations?

Assam declares Ripu Reserve Forest as Raimona National Park - Assams 6th National Park

Indian Railways Digitalisation - How digital services are transforming Indian Railways?

India slams Pakistan in UN over Kartarpur Sahib Gurdwara Management

Ilham Aliyev Azerbaijan President who went to war, Know Nagorno Karabakh regions history & present

Japans Hayabusa 2 Mission explained - Japanese spacecraft to bring rocks from asteroid Ryugu

Water Contamination in Andhra Pradesh - More than 200 fall ill - Who is responsible for it?

India Canada Relations Deteriorate - MEA Jaishankar to skip Canada led Covid meeting

Farmers Produce Trade and Commerce - What is Private Market Concept in New Farm Act?

China sets up 3 Villages near Arunachal & relocates villagers - Is it a matter of concern for India?

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