Current Affairs 07 January 2021

Instagram Copyright Infringement Scam - How to protect yourself from this Instagram scam?

US Capitol Hill Siege - Trump supporters storm Capitol Hill, Curfew in Washington DC - Riots in USA

Nile River Dam Dispute - Ethiopias dam on Nile river creates water conflicts in Africa

Covid 19 Vaccine Distribution - Why DRY ICE is crucial for storage & distribution of Covid vaccine?

Toxic Gas Leak at Rourkela Steel Plant - 4 workers dead and 6 admitted to Intensive Care Unit

ISRO scientist Tapan Mishra says he was poisoned 3 years ago, Long Kept Secret of ISRO scientist

Is Covid 19 Vaccine Halal? What Indonesian President Joko Widodo said about Covid Vaccine?

What is Hydroponics? History of Hydroponics explained - Merits & Demerits of Hydroponics

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