Current Affairs 07 November 2020

Moto Tunnel Pakistan - 129 year old British era archaeological structure restored in Pakistan

Hazira to Ghogha RoPax ferry service starts in Gujarat - Surat to Bhavnagar in just 4 hours

Dobra Chanti Bridge in Uttarakhand - Indias longest motorable single lane bridge

Chinas Nuclear Imperialism in Xinjiang - How it will affect Uighurs community in Xinjiang

NASA detects Fast Radio Bursts for the first time in Milky Way - What is a Magnetar?

Vladimir Putin to resign as Russian President next year, Why Putin is quitting Presidential Office?

UGC Guidelines on reopening of Universities & Colleges - What is UGCs stand on attendance?

Kartarpur Sahib management transferred to NON SIKH BODY by Pakistan - India slams Paks decision

2020 US Presidential Election and its impact of Indian Stock Market explained

India test-fires long range Pinaka rocket system, will be deployed to counter China in Aksai Chin

Ant Group IPO - China suspends Worlds Biggest IPO of Jack Mas Ant Group

Is Joe Biden good for India? जो बिडेन की विदेश नीति के भारत के लिए क्या परिणाम होंगे? US Elections

French President Macron faces backlash from Muslim World - What is the nature of French Secularism?

Why Vietnam is crucial for Indo Pacific region? QUAD Vietnam Relations explained

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