Current Affairs 07 October 2020

Delhi Mumbai Expressway - India’s first 5 animal bridges know all about it

Crime against women in India - Rajasthan tops the list says NCRB 2019 data

Amazon Rainforest Fire 2020 - Worst in a decade fire ravages forests in Brazil

Shanghai Cooperation Organization explained - Is SCO a counter coalition of Eurasian forces?

How weather affects Internet Speed? Impact of rainfall on magnetic field and electric field

US Presidential Election 2020 - What happens if Covid 19 forces Trump out of Presidential contest?

Centre State Relations in India - Impact of Covid 19 on Indian Federalism and ways to improve it

Saudi Arabia’s Chambers of Commerce demands boycott of Turkish products Current Affairs 2020

GST Council Meeting - Key highlights of 42nd meeting explained, States to get Rs 20000 Crore

2020 Nobel Prize in Medicine - 3 scientists share the prize for discovery of Hepatitis C Virus

Pakistan to make Gilgit Baltistan its 5th province - Why China is interested in PoK?

Super Hornet Fighter Jets - Will India buy US fighter jets for Indian Navy?

Why Dhanlaxmi Bank is in news? Will RBI intervene in Dhanlaxmi Bank's affairs?

Covid 19 Transmission - How droplet evaporation affects spread of Covid 19?

Oxygen Cylinder Shortage in Indian Hospitals - Know reasons for the shortage of oxygen cylinder

Karnataka Fiscal Responsibility Act 2002 explained, Why Karnataka Govt wants to amend its fiscal law

Credit Guarantee Scheme explained - Banks sanctions Rs 1.86 lakh crore to 50 lakh MSMEs

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