Current Affairs 08 April 2021

Bihar to become India first State with Two Energy Efficient Towns - Rajgir & Bodh Gaya

India GDP Growth will be fastest in the world for 2021-22 says IMF World Economic Outlook report

RBI First Bimonthly Monetary Policy 2021-22, Status of Growth and Inflation in Indian Economy

Pakistan Government and Taliban Talks Fail - What is Tehrik i Taliban group? Impact on Afghanistan

Tamil Nadu Elections 2021 - Dalit and Backward Class Politics of Tamil Nadu explained

Russian President Vladimir Putin signs law allowing him to stay in power till 2036

Adani Myanmar Port Deal, Australian Civil Rights Group asks Indian Stock Exchanges to penalise Adani

Delhi High Court said Private Car is a Public Place - Masks mandatory even when driving alone

Assam Elections 2021 - Which Party will win? First Past The Post System of Election explained

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