Current Affairs 11 February 2021

India China Trade - China remains largest source for CRITICAL ITEMS IMPORT for India

Driving License without Driving Test - Role of Accredited Driver Training Centres

India China Border Clash - China announces withdrawal of troops from Pangong Tso

Cyber Crime Volunteers to fight Anti National Posts, Indian Cyber Crime Coordination Centre Project

Mega Disinvestment Plan of Centre - Government to reduce PSU numbers from 300 to just 24

India first Geothermal Energy Project in Ladakh - ONGC signs MoU with Ladakh Government

Reliance Future Group Deal - Delhi High Court rejects Amazon plea and lifts stay order

India China Trade Relations - How dependent is India on China? Is Boycott China a flop idea?

Using Artificial Intelligence to counter mutations in Coronavirus - Know all about it

Dhannipur Mosque Project construction begins in Ayodhya - Facts about Dhannipur mosque project

Joint Military Exercise YUDH ABHYAS 2021 between India & USA - Features of Yudh Abhyas 2021

What is Einsteinium? Why mysterious element Einsteinium is named after Albert Einstein?

Massive Protest in Myanmar against Military Coup - Political situation in Myanmar explained

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