Current Affairs 11 January 2021

Freedom of Press in India - India arrested, detained & questioned 67 journalists in 2020

Spain Government to register people who refuse Covid vaccine says health minister

India Two Front Challenge explained - How India can deal with its two hostile neighbours?

First Advance Estimates of National Income 2020-21, Indian GDP to contract 7.7% says NSO

India first Sandalwood Museum in Mysuru in Karnataka - Facts about Indian Sandalwood explained

What is Anubhava Mantapa? Is Anubhava Mantapa the first Parliament of the world?

Russia Sputnik V Covid Vaccine - No Peer Review Data so far, it is a matter of concern?

Covaxin volunteer death creates controversy - Death not linked to Covaxin say Bharat Biotech

India China Standoff - Why post standoff relations between India and China will be complicated?

US ends self imposed restrictions on Taiwan - Is it an end of One China Policy?

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