Current Affairs 13 December 2020

Farmers Protest in India - Did Centre misjudge the popular mood of Middle Class?

What is Offer For Sale? Centre to sell up to 20% stake in IRCTC via Offer For Sale

Food crisis in Madagascar made people Sand Eaters - Locals eat white clay to fill their bellies

What is Malana Cream? NCB seized 5 Kgs of Malana Cream also known as Black Gold

BSNL launches worlds first Satellite based Narrowband Internet of Things Network in India

Paris 2024 Olympics Games - Olympics adds Breakdancing as Official Sport for Paris 2024 Games

Antitrust lawsuit against Facebook by US Govt - Facebook could lose Instagram and WhatsApp

Deficiency of Protein in India - Why protein deficiency is a major public health issue?

Shakti Act by Maharashtra Government - Death Penalty for Sexual Crime in Maharashtra

Subramanian Swamy on Fuel Price Hike - Petrol prices must be Rs 40 maximum says senior BJP MP

Covid 19 Vaccine Pfizer gets FDA advisory panels Emergency Use Authorisation

Farmers Protest and Federalism in India - Difference in US Federalism and Indian Federalism

Morocco Western Sahara Conflict explained - US recognised Moroccos claim to Western Sahara

Is the 21st century INTERNET free & open for all? Difference in Chinese, US & European internet

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