Current Affairs 15 January 2021

House of Representatives impeaches Trump for incitement of insurrection - What next for US & Trump?

Greece expands its territorial waters in Ionian Sea - How it will affect Turkey?

US China Trade War - China introduces new law to counter US sanctions on Chinese firms

Can death penalty END sexual offences? Why just harsh punishment is not a proper solution?

PM KISAN Scheme money going in wrong hands, GoI paid Rs 1364 cr to 20 lakh ineligible beneficiaries

Covid 19 and Antibodies - How antibodies target different parts of coronavirus in severe Covid case?

Supreme Court decision on Farm Laws - Should judiciary involve itself in political mediation?

Centre to purchase 83 Tejas fighter jets for Indian Air Force from HAL, Rs 48000 crore deal approved

Role and Powers of the Governor - Why there is often a clash between Governor and Chief Minister?

India to supply coronavirus vaccine to Nepal - Nepal prefers Indian vaccine over Chinese

India becomes Non Permanent Member of UNSC for 8th time - What are the topics in India agenda?

Indonesia Plane Crash 2021 - What is a Black Box in a plane? Know all about Black Box

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