Current Affairs 15 March 2021

US Stimulus Package - Joe Biden signs $1.9 Trillion Covid 19 Stimulus Package into Law

What is Electoral Autocracy? Sweden V Dem Institute report says India is NO LONGER a Democracy

2021 Greenland Election - Why the world is watching it? What is China stake in Greenland?

Prompt Corrective Action Framework explained - RBI removes IDBI Bank from PCA framework

Right to Repair law of United Kingdom explained - Does India also needs a Right to Repair law?

Pakistan Debt Crisis - UAE asks Pakistan to return its $1 billion as soon as possible

Sikh for Justice donates $10000 to UN - Why pro Khalistan outfit is donating money to UN?

Western Sahara Conflict explained - What role UN, US & EU can play in pacifying this African region?

China to build major dams on Brahmaputra river in Tibet - Why it is dangerous for India?

What are AT 1 Bonds? Government asks SEBI to withdraw new rule on AT1 bonds

Farmers Producer Organisations in India - How FPOs can help small and marginal farmers in India

CAG reports on Union Ministries and Departments down by 75% in last 5 years

What is Genome Mapping? National Institute of Oceanography research project in the Indian Ocean

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