Current Affairs 19 January 2021

India Mekong Nations Relations - Why India needs to strengthen strategic ties with Mekong subregion?

Major Problems of Indian Agriculture - Status of Agricultural Land, MSP on Crops, Farm subsidies

What is Open Skies Treaty? After USA departure now Russia also left Open Skies Treaty

Pro Freedom Rally in Pakistan Sindh - Demand for independent Sindhudesh heightens

French Government sued by NGO for Climate Inaction - Is Government solely responsible for it?

India first TOY manufacturing cluster in Karnataka - Facts about Koppala Toy Structure

WhatsApp Business Account - Should you use it for chatting? What is WhatsApp SHOPS feature?

Toycathon 2021 launched to promote manufacturing of indigenous toys, Facts about Indian Toy Industry

Low risk of Coronavirus infection for Smokers and Vegetarians finds CSIR study

Climate Change impact on Sundarbans - How shrinking Sundarbans is making Bengal prone to cyclones?

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