Current Affairs 21 December 2020

China appoints new military commander for India border - Should India worry about Gen Zhang Xudong?

Who are Arhtiyas? What is role of Arhtiyas in Farm Trade? Why Arhtiyas have joined Farmers Protest?

Violence at Wistron plant - Apple confirms lapses in workers payment - Impact on Make in India

Googles Project Taara explained - Google to introduce High Speed Internet using Light Beams

Covid 19 new virus strain OUT OF CONTROL in Britain - UK flights banned

Lockdown in Australia - How Australian state Victoria violated human rights in COVID lockdown?

Centre to invest $60 billion in Gas Infrastructure - Gass share in energy mix to go up 15% by 2030

Human Freedom Index 2020 - India slips 17 spots to 111th rank - Why Indias performance is so poor?

Facebook sued for PREDATORY conduct in USA - How it will affect social media giant?

New Infection in Kerala - Shigella Bacterial Infection puts Kerala on High Alert - What is Shigella?

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