Current Affairs 23 March 2021

India Pakistan China to participate in SCO joint Pabbi Antiterror 2021 exercise

Who is Yang Jiechi? Why he is compared with Mao Zedong? US China Alaska talks

China Taiwan War over Pineapples - Taiwan starts #FreedomPineapple campaign over China import ban

Water on Mars - What do we know from scientific explorations on Mars planet?

NITI Aayog bats to make Little Andaman the Singapore of India - Environmental concerns explained

World Happiness Report 2021 - India ranks 139 - Bangladesh & Pakistan are happier nations than India

WhatsApp Privacy Policy violates five IT Rules - Centre asks Delhi HC to restrain WhatsApp policy

Buddhas of Bamiyan in Afghanistan - Significance of Bamiyan - Why Taliban destroyed Bamiyan Buddhas?

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