Current Affairs 23 November 2020

Delhi Airport becomes first airport in Asia Pacific region to get Level 4+ accreditation

Rise in Indias Agricultural Exports by 4.6% in FY21, Why it is a good news for Indian farmers?

National Anthem of Australia - Why some Australians are demanding to change its lyrics?

Karachi Bakery Name Change Controversy, Shiv Sena leader threatens owner to change name of the shop

India Nepal Bilateral Ties - Indian Foreign Secretary to visit Nepal to restore ties

RBI Internal Working Group suggests to convert large NBFCs into banks

What is Golden Visa Scheme of UAE? Who is eligible for the 10 year residency in UAE?

Indian stock markets have hit all time high despite Covid - What is fuelling the market?

Mexican Senate passes bill to legalise Marijuana - Mexico becomes worlds largest legal weed market

Bangladesh may take Chinas help for managing Teesta river - Has India missed a big opportunity?

Adani Green Energy $6 billion solar project faces higher financial risk

NavIC India GPS - India becomes 4th nation to get IMO nod for its own navigation system

Generalised System of Preferences explained - Will Joe Biden restore Indias GSP status?

SEBI Sahara Case - Sebi asks Subrata Roy to pay Rs 62600 crore to avoid jail

Glowing Mushroom Species discovered in Meghalaya - Why bioluminescent fungi glow in the dark?

Interpol issues warning on Covid infected letters - Rise of cyberattacks & fake medicines amid Covid

UNESCO World Book Capital - Guadalajara Mexico named World Book Capital 2022

G20 summit 2020 - PM Modi bats for New Global Index for Post Covid World

Operation Thunder 2020 - 18 tonnes of RED SANDALWOOD intercepted by Indian Customs

India Myanmar Relations - How India plans to steer Myanmar away from China?

Discovery of Oil and Gas in Ashoknagar by ONGC - Oil Minister to visit West Bengal soon

Section 118 A of Kerala Police Act - 5 year jail term for offensive social media post

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