Current Affairs 24 December 2020

What are FAANG companies? How the world will end the dominance & monopoly of big tech giants?

DDC Election in J&K - Significance of District Development Council Election Result explained

India loses arbitration case against Cairn Energy in ₹10300 crore tax dispute case

New Coronavirus Strain in UK - Can the latest Covid 19 Vaccine protect us from B.1.1.7 mutant?

Public Wifi Network - How India is planning its nationwide launch? Why India needs Public Wifi?

Deadly Brain Eating Amoeba rapidly spreading in USA - Will it be the next pandemic?

Tibetan Policy and Support Act of 2020 - US Congress passes bill to support Tibet & Dalai Lama

Covid Relief Package of USA - Congress passed $900 billion Covid 19 aid package - Know all about it

US China Ideological Competition - Who is winning it? Is China tougher than USSR?

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