Current Affairs 24 February 2021

What is Eutrophication? Types, Causes and Effects of Eutrophication explained

Casino in Goa - Sawant Cabinet grants fresh 6 month extension to offshore casinos

IAEA Iran Nuclear Inspection Deal - Iran agrees to nuclear inspection - Will US lift sanctions?

World first Solar Heated Tents invented by Sonam Wangchuk for Indian Army - Know all about it

India Energy Outlook 2021 report by IEA - India to become 3rd largest energy consumer by 2030

India permits Imran Khan aircraft to use airspace for Sri Lanka trip - Pakistan Sri Lanka Relation

Is India currently witnessing a second wave of the Covid 19 pandemic? Status of Covid 19 in India

How are TEMPLES regulated in India? Gender discrimination in religious endowments explained

What is Carbon Watch? India first mobile app to assess carbon footprint of an individual

Hydroelectric Power Project in Uttarakhand - Should India invest in high risk Hydro Power Projects?

West Bengal Assembly Elections 2021 - How significant is Muslim vote in West Bengal elections?

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