Current Affairs 24 March 2021

Istanbul Convention explained - Turkey quits Council of Europe Accord on violence against women

DRDO DURGA II laser weapon for land, ari and sea - Facts about Directed Energy Weapon Durga 2

Raman Thermometry explained - Researchers finds new method to monitor the health of power lines

Ken Betwa Link Project - Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh sign river linking pact

Bank Data Theft Case explained - Pune City Police arrested one more accused

European Union proposes Digital Green Certificates - Aims to promote free movement & restart travel

S 400 Missile System deal between India Russia - US threat to sanction India under CATSAA

UNHRC adopts resolution against Sri Lanka - India abstains from voting

Martyrs Day 2021 - What were Bhagat Singh views on Farmers Welfare?

Chief Justice of India appointment explained - How India collegium system works?

Chin Refugees in Mizoram - Who are Chin people of Burma? What is Mizoram Govt stand on Chin refugees

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