Current Affairs 25 March 2021

Western sanctions on China over Uighurs rights abuse - Russia & China calls for UNSC Summit

India Saudi Arabia Oil Trade - India cuts oil imports from Saudi after OPEC ignores India demand

India China Border Clash - India to deploy 12 Made in India helicopters by HAL at China & Pak border

Covishield Vaccine update - Why Government has increased the interval between 2 doses of Covishield?

Water Crisis in Himachal Pradesh - Why is the State with perennial rivers staring at a water crisis?

New Covid 19 Double Mutant Variant found in India - What we know about it so far?

Suez Canal Blocked - What went wrong with one of the world busiest shipping lanes?

South China Sea dispute - Rising China secretive maritime militia in South China Sea

Supreme Court Loan Moratorium order explained - Rs 6 lakh crore relief for Central Government

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