Current Affairs 25 November 2020

US vs China - Is China the new USSR of the 21st century? Ideological battle between USA and China

Nigerias ENDSARS Movement explained - What is Special Anti Robbery Squad unit?

What is Cell Membrane? How cell membrane can be used as a defence against Covid 19?

Chinas Moon Mission Change-5 successfully launched - Lunar mission to bring rock samples from moon

Indias First Indigenous Heavy Weight Torpedo VARUNASTRA delivered to Indian Navy by BDL

Will Sri Lanka join Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) in future?

Hindu Temple in Pakistan - Lord Vishnus 1300 year old temple discovered in Swat district

Reliance Future Group Deal approved by Competition Commission of India - Setback for Amazon

Bhubaneswar becomes 1st Indian city to get ISO 9001:2015 certification - What is FSSM services?

Raghuram Rajan criticises RBI plan to allow bank licences to large corporates - Reasons explained

What is Desalination Plant? Is a Desalination Plant feasible and ecologically safe?

Financial Crisis in Zambia - Will Zambia become another Zimbabwe?

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