Current Affairs 26 November 2020

Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code latest amendment - Regulations for Liquidation amended by IBBI

Protest in Thailand 2020 - Why Yellow Rubber Duck is the new symbol of protest in Thailand

Political Crisis in Ethiopia 2020 - Why the African nation is on a brink of ethnic civil war?

What is Love Jihad law of Uttar Pradesh? Allahabad HC order on interfaith marriages explained

New Atlantic Marine Sanctuary - Atlantic Oceans largest protected area near Tristan da Cunha

India Afghanistan Relations - India to build SHAHTOOT Dam in Afghanistan - Why Pakistan is opposing?

100th Anniversary of the University of Lucknow - History and facts about Lucknow University

UK to ban sale of new Petrol & Diesel cars from 2030, What is Green Industrial Revolution plan of UK

Chinas Net Zero by 2060 plan explained - Xi Jinping sets a bold new carbon emissions goal for China

China vs India and Bhutan - China is developing a village along disputed border with India & Bhutan

Why do BANKS fail? What lessons India can learn from bank failures?

Overflowing Granaries of Punjab - What steps Centre & Punjab are taking to solve surplus grain stock

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