Current Affairs 28 January 2021

Ways to achieve Economic Recovery - Why women participation is crucial for rapid economic growth?

State of Emergency declared in Puerto Rico - Issue of Gender Violence in Puerto Rico explained

UP Government makes license mandatory for keeping alcohol at home - Alcohol Atlas of India

AMPHEX 21 Triservices Amphibious Exercise by India Army, Navy & Airforce

DIKSHA eLearning Platform - How DIKSHA became a key tool for teachers during Covid 19 Lockdown

7th Edition of MASCRADE 2021 inaugurated by Dr Harsh Vardhan - What is the aim of MASCRADE 2021

Colombo East Port Terminal Project revived by Sri Lanka - India and Japan will collaborate

Tse Chi Lop Asia El Chapo arrested in Netherlands - One of the world’s largest drug lord nabbed

Disaster Risk of Ageing Dams in India - United Nations report on Ageing Dams explained

Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte resigns - Brief overview of political system of Italy?

Indian Economy to grow at 11.5% in 2021 say IMF in its latest World Economic Outlook update

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