Current Affairs 29 January 2021

Ram Setu Bridge - How old is Ram Setu? Centre approves underwater study to find the answer

New Visa Rules in UAE for foreign students explained - Good news for Indian students?

China New Coast Guard Law - China empowers its coastguards to fire on foreign ships

China Djibouti Relations - Why Djibouti is crucial for China expansionist aims?

Archaeological sites inaugurated in Madhya Pradesh - History of Tripuri explained

Draft 5th National Science Technology and Innovation Policy 2020 - Key highlights of STIP explained

Tech Giants vs Australian Regulators - What is the core issue? Impact of outcome on India explained

World Economic Forum Davos 2021 - PM Modi addresses WEF Davos Summit 2021 - What is The Great Reset?

Energy Flow in an Ecosystem - Concept of Food Chain and Food Web explained

Union Budget 2021 - How Union Budget of India is prepared? Know full process

Washington DC Statehood demand - Senate Democrats introduce bill to make DC the 51st state of USA

Centre approves new vehicle Scrappage Policy & Green Tax - End of the road for 15 year old vehicles

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