Current Affairs 30 November 2020

Difference in NPR, NRIC and Census explained - What connects the NPR, NRC and Census?

What is eVIN technology? How it will be used for distribution of Covid 19 vaccines?

IITs, NITs to begin offering engineering courses in mother tongue announces Education Ministry

Jammu & Kashmir DDC Election 2020 - What is District Development Council?

France proposes banning discrimination based on regional accents - How French accents differ?

State of Tax Justice 2020 report - India losing over Rs 70000 crore in taxes to other countries

Why the days of November 2020 are comparatively colder? Impact of Western Disturbances explained

US Anti Doping Act passed by Senate - Why Russian name Rodchenkov Act has created controversy?

What is Insider Trading? SEBI bars NDTV promoter for insider trading

Who is Michael Flynn? Why did Donald Trump pardon him?

What is Nurturing Neighbourhoods Challenge? How it will enhance life quality of children & families

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