Things that you can fix instantly in your YouTube Videos

YouTube is a great Platform to play on, but you can be a newcomer though. And many newcomers don't have the idea of what things might cause their video to downgrade. Or even you could be an old YouTuber, but still, you are not having good viewership and thinking of the possibilities that led to shrinking your YouTube Career.

Things that you can fix instantly in your YouTube Videos

Here are the things that you can fix instantly in your YouTube videos:


Thumbnail shows up next to your video on youtube. Thumbnail image means a lot of youtube videos. Your thumbnail provides a clear-cut image of what is in your video, choosing your thumbnail image wisely will be a smart choice. The reason for choosing your image yourself is, your videos otherwise will get framed in some random boring frames those won't be attractive. 

Youtube itself provide options for better thumbnails, choose from them. And every time you watch some other's video try to learn how they put thumbnail. You can also use canva to make youtube thumbnails.


Providing tags on your video matters a lot, you are creating traffic for your video, tagging your video carefully is a more selective work. It means by tagging people with different search keywords will find your video first. And doing it carefully is a lot more important.

See, if you are making videos for Samsung mobile feature. Then you would want your video to be seen by the people who want to buy Samsung Mobile and first like to know the feature of the phone, this could audience of age group 16 above, your video should be tagged like, Samsung Mobile Best Features, Samsung Mobile Feature Guide, Samsung Mobile Buying, Which Samsung Phone To Buy, etc.

By this type of Tagging your audience will see your posts and videos first, ultimately creating traffic and views on your video.

Camera and Tripod

Making a video require a lot of input not only mentally but technically too, your camera needs to be good enough to capture pure and perfect shots, you should have a camera that can be fixed anywhere in the room using a tripod, this helps a lot. Tripods are useful when shooting a video, it provides stability in video and does not make a shaking video. Tripods can be useful to stand your camera at any angle, even while shooting a gaming video, your camera and tripod help a lot.

And your tripod must not be lightly weighted otherwise it won't provide support to the camera and your camera may fall down.


A title is the second most important part of the video, that makes the impression of video on the viewers, the title generates the curiosity in the audience to watch a video of such a great title, provide a good title that should not be long and boring, but the title must be short and clear enough that every viewer must fall in attraction of the video title. 

And if provided a good thumbnail with a great title, your video will attract a lot of viewers and you might see your video performing well on YouTube.

Try to think of a title that should be catchy enough and humorous enough to attract a lot of viewership. 

Youtube videos work on tricks and mind games if you are able to play tricks like providing title and thumbnail, you will see your video performing well.


The actual mistake that you are doing in making a video is not using a good quality of the microphone. Or even not using any microphone, you must understand that using a microphone is of must importance, your video quality matters, but your audio quality should not be downgraded. It won't look healthy for your YouTube career. All you need is to buy a microphone that could provide a good quality to your YouTube video. You can find a decent one at affordable pricing from here.

There are two types of microphones commonly used for YouTube audio: Condenser Microphone and Dynamic Microphone. 

So use a microphone that could increase the quality of audio and make your video more watchful. 

Editing Software

After making video the last phase in making is video and audio editing. Video and Audio should be edited using good software, this way your video will not get decreased quality and you will be able to upload a pretty stable video. Editing makes video and audio perfect and your video will look perfect and watchful.

There different software to edit different things.

For Video Editing use software like Final Cut Pro (FCP) for editing on MAC, for Windows, you can use software like Cyberlink Power Director, Sony Vegas, Windows Movie Maker(For newcomers).

For editing Audio, you can use Audacity, Nuendo, Cubase etc.

For editing photos and photos for the thumbnail, you can use Photoscape.


Comments help in establishing the personality of the channel admin: people try to downgrade your image but to counter every comment you should smartly reply every audience's comment. They are the maker of your YouTube career, you might get offended by someone's comment, but replying smartly to them will help you, their questions and answers should be smartly and blissfully replied. Try not to indulge in any kind of unhealthy discussion with your audience. Take their good replies and bad replies in a thankful way.


Originality matters a lot, being a unique human you should focus more on creating your own content, and providing original content. Trends are many, started by different YouTubers, they start a trend and many other newcomers try to follow and walk on their paths. Choose your option, either creating the trend or following a trend. You have the option on your hand. Creating your own stuff would be not easy enough but once you have done you can see yourself flying high.

So try to create the trend, not to follow them. Be original.

Using some of these tricks and mind games you could create a good video and your video will not suck your audience. 

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