How will you prepare your GK section for upcoming important exams?

Is learning General knowledge important ? Most of the students who are preparing for any kind of exam for getting admission into the college or for the bank and government jobs think about this. So there is a very simple answer to this question is that you already know that General knowledge or General awareness section will be or was there in your examination and it also one of the most important sections.

Although, all the sections are important, for some aspirants GK section is tough because if we think deeply, we will get to the point that there is no fixed syllabus or pattern for the G.K like you see in Maths and English sections. But, by taking classes from the best institute you can crack your exams by scoring a good percentile in your all sections. But here the talk is about G.K section. Some students are not so good with the English language so they prefer doing GK in Hindi and there is no shame. It is about the comfort of the student in which he or she feels.

If you are not so good in English and your language is Hindi you can prepare for GK in Hindi also by downloading the various pdf from online or from books and magazines which are specially made for the reader who prefers the Hindi language.

  • आक्रामक विदेशी प्रजातियां

  • संशोधित जीवित जीव (LMO)

  • नाभिकीय कचरा

  • इनमें से कोई नहीं

  • जलवाष्प

  • कार्बन डाइऑक्साइड

  • सल्फर डाई ऑक्साइड

  • ओजोन

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