How to Add Categories in Magento 2

How to create a new category in Magento 2

How to create a new category in Magento 2

Generate a Category

  • On the Admin Panel, Product > Inventory > Categories
  • In the category chart, assigned to the relevant category that is right above the new category.

    If there is any data which is fitted with the new category, you can assign to the Default Category.

  • Click on the.Add Subcategory

Configure the General Information

  • On the General Information section,
    • Name for the new category.
    • Enable the category by choosing Yes for the Is Activefield.
    • Create a URL Key for own or it will be auto-created by the system.
  • Write some descriptions about the category in the boxDesscription.
  • Upload the forImage the category if needed.
  • Enter the data:,Page TitleMeta Keywords, Meta Decription for your SEO.
  • In the fieldInclude in Navigation Menu, choose Yes to show it on the Navigation Menu.
  • Click on the buttonSave Category.

Configure the Display Settings

  • Consider the fromDisplay Mode these options: Products Only, Static Block Only or Static Block and Products.
  • Select a type of the static block in them toCMS Block show on the category page.
  • Is Anchor is your agreement to show the “Filter by Attributes” of the layered navigation. If accepted, choose Yes.
  • How to Add Categories in Magento 2
  • If you don’t want to use config settings, ignore the checkbox and choose a feature (Name, Price) to reorder a list of product.

Customizing Categories

A category configuration is customizable, so you can fix, change its position in the category chart, even eliminate it quickly. However, it is important to examine how your modification will affect other parts. For instance, if there are some products in the category that you rename, the current product links are unavailable to access. Therefore, you should set your catalog to auto-generate a permanent redirect if there is any change as above. Or you can apply the URL Rewrite tool to navigate the visitors to a new link.

Rearrange a category

  • On the Admin Panel, Product > Inventory > Categories
  • In the category chart, click on the needed category and drag-drop it to the new parent category. The new structure of category will be auto-saved.

Eliminate a category

  • From the category chart, consider the category you want to eliminate.
A eliminated category never comeback, so be careful to select the right category.
  • Click on the,Delete Category then toOk verify.

Reference: Magento 2 user guide

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