How to Create Grouped Products in Magento 2

A grouped product is made of multiple independent products that are presented as a group. Each product in the group can be purchased separately or as a part of the group. Using grouped products you can sell multiple articles as a whole. Let’s say you sell cameras, camera bags and camera stands. You can either sell them separately or present as a group. When you present them as a group, you augment the chance that you will sell all three of the products.

The following instructions will help you create grouped products in Magento 2. In order to simplify things we will take an example of camera, camera bag and camera stand and fill only required fields (marked by *). After you fill the required fields, you can add all the remaining product information.

In Magento 2 the process of creation a new grouped product is very simple.

You enter admin panel of your e-shop. Then you select Products -> Catalog. Then you click on the triangle in “Add Product” tab. And in dropdown list you select Grouped Product.

How to Create Grouped products in Magento 2.0

Actually, before creating a Grouped product you need to create a simple product for each item of the group. In our case we create a simple product for Camera (100$), a simple product for Camera Bag (10$) and a simple product for Camera Stand (30$).

After this is done, you create a grouped product.

How to Create Grouped products in Magento 2.0

We name the product Camera + Bag + Stand. And upload the picture of the group. Then we fill the description field and scroll down to “Add Products to Group” tab.

How to Create Grouped products in Magento 2.0

How to Create Grouped products in Magento 2.0

That’s almost it. You set all the remaining options and the Grouped Product is created.

  • Note:  that there are no price options for a Grouped product since the whole price of a Group product is a simple sum of all products in the group (final price will be 100+10+30=140$);
  • You can add Configurable products to the group and the customer will be able to choose between each product’s options. (take a look at the article to learn how to create configurable products in Magento 2);
  • You can set stock availability for the group as a whole, but the inventory of each article is managed separately;
  • Each item purchased appears individually in the shopping cart rather than as a part of the group.

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