How to Manage Inventory in Magento 2

In this article I will show you how you can configure and manage Inventory in Magento 2.0. There are 2 kinds of settings: general that are applicable to all products in the shop and individual applicable to each particular product.

Let’s configure General Default Inventory Settings first.

Follow the path:

Stores -> Configuration -> Catalog -> Inventory

How to Manage Inventory in Magento 2

You will see 2 panels: Stock Options and Product Stock Options:


How to Manage Inventory in Magento 2

In Stock options you can configure the following.

If you would like to place items from cancelled orders back in stock, select “Yes” in the first line.

If you would like to decrease stock right after an order is placed, select “Yes” in the second line.

If you would like to display products that are out of stock in your shop, change the 3rd line to “Yes”.

If you would like something like “Only N products left” to be on your product page by default, in the next line write the number of products left. Note that you can set this option for your products individually. There is no need to make it a default setting.

If you would like to display your stock availability on your product pages, select “Yes” in the last line of this section.

How to Manage Inventory in Magento 2

Now let’s switch to Product Stock Options.

Enable Manage Stock. By default, it is enabled. But if, for example, you only sell products that cannot get out of stock (maybe, Downloadable or Virtual), you can cancel this option and won’t have to count how many products are left in stock.

If you would like to allow customers to buy products that are currently out of stock but that will be in stock later, you need to choose “Allow Qty Below 0” in “Backorders” section. In this case you (the merchant) will have to ship the product when the product becomes available again. If you would like to notify customers that order can be placed even if the product is currently out of stock, choose “Allow Qty Below 0 and Notify Customer”.

In the next line define how many products can be bought in a single cart.

Now “Out of Stock Threshold”: let’s say, we select 2 here. When there are only 2 products left in stock, the sign “Out of stock” will be displayed on product page.

You can also define the minimum number of items that customer needs to have in cart to make a purchase. By default it’s “1”. You can select different values for different customer groups.

“Notify for Quantity Below”. If you would like to get notified when there are 3 items left in stock here, indicate “3” here.

If you would like to establish the quantity of a product in a single lot that you add to your stock, select “Yes” to enable Qty Increments and indicate the number in the field that has just appeared.

“Automatically Return Credit Memo Item to Stock”: determines if products added to a cart are automatically accounted to be out of stock and if they return there when an order is cancelled.

How to Manage Inventory in Magento 2

Now let’s configure Inventory for each individual product. To access these settings, follow the path:

Products -> Catalog

Now click on the product you want to configure. Then Advanced Settings -> Advanced Inventory

How to Manage Inventory in Magento 2

Now select if you would like to manage stock for the product. If you don’t agree with Default Settings, unselect the “Use Config Settings” box and change the value.

Define the quantity of your product.

Define the “Out of Stock” threshold (you can find the explanation below).

Define Min and Max quantity allowed in Shopping Cart.

Define if user can use decimal number meaning if a customer can order a part of your product instead of ordering the whole product.

If you Allow Multiple Boxes for Shipping, it means that you allow parts of your product to be shipped separately.

Allow backorders if you like.

Decide if you would like to enable Quantity increments (explained below).

And the last but not least: change stock availability if necessary.

Note that if you would like to quickly change availability and quantity of your product, you can do it in Product Details:

How to Manage Inventory in Magento 2

If you have any questions about how to manage inventory, please write a comment and I will try to help you.

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