How To Write Guest Posts That Get Accepted

Guest blog posting is important to boost your blog popularity as well as traffic and backlinks .  So far you’ve found out the massive list of guest blogging sites. Now, let’s talk about how to write guest posts that get accepted. Guest blogging is used in all niches, but it seems to be utilized to its full potential in Blogging, SEO, Making Money Online and Social Media Niche’s only. It’s not the case that people from other industries are not using guest blogging at all. Guest blogging has started showing its potential in other big industries like Health, Finance, Travel and Entertainment etc. Guest posting will also help you to build solid reputation in your niche. However, sometimes bloggers have difficultly to submit their guest posts because most of their articles are getting rejected by the host blogger. None of this is a secret, of course.

Choose a Niche Targeted Blog Before Writing Your Post :- 

One of the mistakes that new guest posters make is to write a post, then look for a suitable host blog. While that can work, it’s a much more effective strategy to choose a blog to target before you write the first word of your post.

Your host blog will influence everything: your choice of topic, the vocabulary you use, even the way you structure and format your post.

Look at a few different blogs in your niche. You’ll find that:

  • Their standard post lengths vary. Some blogs might have posts of 1,000 words or more – others will have short, snappy posts that come in at under 500 words.
  • They have different styles and tones. Some will use punchy, dramatic language; others will take a gentler approach.
  • They cover different topics. Not all writing blogs cover both fiction and non-fiction, for instance.

Take it further: Create a shortlist of major blogs in your niche that might be a great fit for your posts. Note distinctive features of each – e.g. the topic they cover or the audience they aim at.

Read at Least Five Posts on Your Hosted Blog :- 

Ideally, you’ll be writing posts for blogs that you’ve been reading for weeks, months, perhaps even years. If you’re on a major guest-posting spree, though, you’ll probably find yourself reaching out to blogs that you’ve not come across before.

Before you plan a guest post, always read at least five posts on your target blog. By doing so, you’ll get a good feel for the style, topic range, and audience.

You’ll probably want to look at recent posts – but you may also want to choose posts from the blog’s “Most Popular” list, if they have one.

Take it further: Print out several recent posts from the target blog. Try to get a mix of guest posts and posts written by the blog’s owner (if applicable). Go through and look for common stylistic features: e.g. do they all use very short paragraphs, or include first-person anecdotes?

Link to Other Posts on Your Host Blog :-

One very simple – yet effective – way to boost your guest post’s chances is to put in at least one link to another post on your host blog. This has several advantages. As well as being useful for the blog owner, it helps show that you’ve crafted this post just for them. It demonstrates that you’re familiar with the blog (or that you’ve at least taken some time to research it).

You might be tempted to link to your own blog when you want to give an example, or offer further reading. This can definitely result in click-throughs … but may also result in your post being turned down. If you do choose to link back to your blog in the body of your post, limit yourself to one link.

Take it further: Instead of just linking to popular posts, listed in the host blog’s sidebar, look for older posts that might not be getting much attention.

Spend Extra Time for Editing :- 

Of course, careful editing is always a good idea … but it’s especially vital when you’re writing a guest post. Make sure you give yourself enough time for this, and remember that:

  • On your own blog, it’s easy to edit a published post to fix a typo or a broken link. When you guest post, you often won’t have access to your published post – and you don’t want to end up harassing a busy blog owner to get them to fix your mistakes.
  • Busy bloggers may simply turn down a post that doesn’t quite come up to their required standard, instead of asking for a rewriting or making editorial changes. If you’re not sure whether your post is quite ready, ask a blogging friend to take a look.
  • First impressions matter: if your post has several typos or basic grammatical errors, there’s a good chance it’ll get turned down – even if it contains lots of great information.

Take it further: Read your post out loud as you edit. You’ll be amazed how much easier it is to spot typos, clumsy sentences, poor grammar…

If you know that editing isn’t (yet!) a strength of yours, read Eight Simple Tips for Editing Your Own Work.

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Write a Polite, Friendly Query Email :- 

When you submit your blog post, you’ll need to write an accompanying email. This might seem like a mere formality – but remember that it’s the first piece of your writing that the host blogger will see. Depending on their guidelines, they may even want you to pitch your post by email before sending it.

Keep your email professional yet friendly. Address the host blogger by name (and make sure you spell it right)! You don’t need to give lots of background detail – a line or two about any other guest posting experience you’ve had can help, though.

Triple-check your email for mistakes. While a single typo probably won’t kill your chances of getting your guest post read, a sloppy email isn’t going to inspire much confidence.

For more tips on writing a great pitch.

Take it further: If you use a standard “template” email for guest posts, make sure you modify it for each blogger. That goes beyond just adding in their name and the title of your post: you could try referring to a recent post of theirs that you enjoyed, or any recent news they’ve shared. This heightens your chances of getting your guest posts accepted.

Approach Guest Blogging Websites :- 

What you have to do is approach owners or concern persons of these blogs with a polite email. You should highlight your intention to write guest posts for them. And in case you have already written guest posts for some popular blogs in your niche, please mention them as well in your email.

Once you are finished with sending guest blogging request emails to 8-10 bloggers in your niche, wait for their responses. You should receive positive response from most of blog representative, as they are always hungry for fresh, unique and targeted contents for their blogs.

Write Problem Solving Guest Posts :- 

Once you have received 1-2 positive responses against your guest post request, it’s time to show your blogging skills to the rest of world. In case you don’t know how to write excellent guest posts, this is the step-by-step manual you should follow for the same. Once you are finished with writing a targeted guest post as the guest post guidelines, send it over to the concerned person. Now write one more guest post and send it to the next blog owner expecting a guest post from you.

Share And Reply :- 

If blog owners find your guest posts good enough to be published on their blogs, they will share the guest post link or inform you about the time when your guest post will get live on their blog. Once any of your guest post gets live, next thing you should do is share it in your social networks and most importantly reply positively to all comments coming on your guest post. You should subscribe to your guest post comments section to keep track of new comments coming on it.

General Guest Blogging Guidelines :- 

There are some general principles or guidelines you should follow while doing guest blogging. Here is that list:

  • You should use your best work as guest post
  • Don’t submit the same guest post to multiple blog owners
  • Don’t send duplicate or guest post with bad English. You should proofread your guest post before sending
  • Follow the guidelines of each blogger to increase the chances of your guest post being accepted on their blog
  • Don’t send too many emails to a blog owner for any reason and if you must, you need to be very polite in your approach
  • You should include self-promotional links in a guest post as per its blog owner guidelines. Each blog owner has its own style of giving credit to guest bloggers for their work.

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