What is the architecture of Chef?

Chef is composed of many components like Chef Server, Client etc. Some of the main components in Chef are as follows:

  1. Client: These are the nodes or individual users that communicate withChefserver.
  2. Chef Manage: This is the web console that is used for interactingwithChefServer.
  3. Load Balancer: All the Chef server API requests are routed through Load Balancer. It is implemented in Nginx.
  4. Bookshelf: This is the component that stores cookbooks. All the cookbooks are stored in a repository. It is separatestoragefromthe Chefserver.
  5. PostgreSQL: This is the data repository for the Chef server.
  6. Chef Server: This is the hub for configuration data. All the cookbooks and policies are stored in them. It can scale to the size of any enterprise.