What are the main benefits of DevOps?

DevOps is a very popular trend in Software Development. Some of the main benefits ofDevOpsareas follows:

  1. Release Velocity: DevOps practices help in increasing the release velocity. We can release code to production more often and with more confidence.
  2. Development Cycle: With DevOps, the development cycle from initial design to production deployment becomes shorter.
  3. Deployment Rollback: In DevOps, we plan for any deployment rollback failure due to a code bug or an issue in production. This gives confidence in releasing features without worrying about downtime for rollback.
  4. Defect Detection: With the DevOps approach, we can catch defects much earlier than releasing them to production. It improves the quality of the software.
  5. Recovery from failure: In case of a failure, we can recover very fast with the DevOps process.
  6. Collaboration: With DevOps, the collaboration between development and operations professionals increases.
  7. Performance-oriented: With DevOps, the organization follows performance-oriented culture in which teams become more productive and more innovative.