List of Blog Post Ideas


List Post

List posts are everywhere and for good reason... they flat out work(Create a list of books, tools, resources or any other thing that your market will find useful.)

How to Post

The How to post is another staple blog post idea. (Describe how to execute a process and use images, video or audio to enrich the post and make it as easy as possible for your visitor to take action.)

Case Study Post

The term "case study" carries more perceived value then the term article, blog post or video. (Outline and unpack the details of something like a project, event or process.)

Problem / Solucation Post

This type of post has an easy formate:

-Define a probleam

-Present the solucation

SAQ Post

The Should Ask Question Post is a variation of the FAQ post. This is a question that customer or prospect don`t ask -but they shound.

Research Post

Conducting your own primary research around a topic in your nich in one of the best way to build blog content that gets attention.

Check List Post

If the content your are delivering canbe broken into a "checklist" it will often perform better. (People like the checklist format because it`s easy to digest and take action when the content is itemized in this way)

Ultimate Guide Post

The ultimate guide post is just what it sounds like -a detailed, comprehensive post on a topic in your nich. (Don`t skimp here -take your time and deliver the definitive post on the topic)

Definition Post

In nich where the market needs to be educated the definition post is an absolute must. (Consider creating a series of posts that define aspects of your niche.)

Series Post

Loo for opportinities to break a topic in to a series that can be released each day over the course of a week or every Monday over the course of a month. (Link these articles together as you publish them.)

Stats Post

This post "Like the Research Post" works best when you can use statistics that you have produced. (That said, consider curationg and pulling together stats from multiple locations to create a good statics Post.)

FAQ Post

If you get Repeat questions from customer or prospects there is a good change they are typing these same questions in to google and other search engines.


Inspirational Post

Holiday Post

Guard Down Post

Behind the Scenes Post

Off Topic Post

Rant Post


Profile Post

Crowdsourced Post

Interview Post

Link Roundup Post

Quote Post

Best of the Web Post

Pick of the Week Post

People to Follow Post

Content Aggregator


Comparison Post

Project Showcase Post

Income Report Post

Company Update Post

Presentation Post

Best of Post

Product Update Post

Products Tips Post


What if Post

Debate Post

Attack Post

Prediction Post

Reaction Post

Embed Reactor


Story Post

Satire Post

Cartoon Post

Meme Post

Parody Post


Review Post


Survey Post

News Post

Trend Post

Issue Post



Questions Post

Curate and Answer questions your audience asks in social media, on formus or the comments section of your blog.

Answer Post

The Answer Post is the sister of the Questions Post(In this post type, you will simply ask a questions and allow your audience to answer it in your comments sections. This type of post is generally very short, allowing your audience to create the bulk of content.)

Challenge Post

Use a blog post to post a challenge to your audience.(This post can work well as a series with updates being made that feature audience members that are participating in the challenge.)

Customer Showcase Post

This blog Post type is partly promotional but also builds engageent(Use your blog to feature a customer or a project you have worked on with the customers.)

Freebie Post

Use a blog post to allow your audience to get access to a relvent giveway

Contest Post

Announce a contest on your blog.(This Post can work well as a Series as well with updates being made featuring contest result.)

List of Blog Post Ideas

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