Magento 2 Product URL Rewrites

Add the Rewrites

  • On the Admin Panel.Marketing > SEO & Search > URL Rewrites
  • In the upper-right corner, click on the buttonAdd URL Rewrites.
  • From the dropdown list of,Create URL Rewrites choose “For Product” option.
  • In the product list that appears instantly, click on the product which needs to be redirected to edit.
  • Hit the buttonSkip Category Selection, then navigate to the sectionURL Rewrite Information.
  • Here, the current product URL is included by the andRequest Path the showsTarget Path the internal URL that is used by the system. It is grayed out and not available for editing.
  • Set the toStore apply the rewrites if necessary.
  • In the fieldRequest Path, insert the new URL key and suffix for the product.
  • Convert toRedirect Temporary (302) or Permanent (301).
  • Leave some description for the rewrite.

Update the Index

  • On the Admin Panel, System > Tools > Index Management.
  • Mark the checkboxCatalog URL Rewrites.
  • Choose Reindex Data for the.Action
  • Submit to update the index.

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