one step checkout extensions

If you’ve played around with Magento’s default checkout you won’t be surprised to know that most Magento merchants modify it in some way shape or form. One possible way to modify your checkout is to convert it to a single page as opposed to the default multi-step, accordion checkout.

Really, one step checkout extensions in Magento aren’t really one step. In-fact, they don’t calculate and process ordering in one step. They really only make it appear like the checkout is one step. This may not seem significant, but it can make a significant difference between whether or not the customer decides to complete their checkout. In this article I will explore 23 one-step checkout extensions.

Magestore One Step Checkout

Amasty One Step Checkout

One Step checkout by onestepcheckout

One Step Checkout Aheadworks

One Step Checkout by MageWorld

Magento One Page Checkout by Templates Monster

One Step Checkout Extension by Plumrocket

One Step Checkout Extensions by FME Extension


Mage World  One Step Checkout Extension

Aitoc All-In-One Checkout



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