Pygame Tutorial for Beginners

 (0:00:00) Installing Python and Pycharm 

 (0:04:12) Creating Our First Game Window 

 (0:12:39) Changing the Title, Logo and Background Color 

 (0:20:33) Adding Images into Our Space Invader Game 

 (0:29:57) Movement Mechanics in Game Development 

 (0:38:13) Keyboard Input Controls & Key Pressed Event 

 (0:49:53) Adding Boundaries to Our Game 

 (0:53:28) Creating the Enemy 

 (0:59:14) Movement Mechanics of the Enemy Space Invader 

 (1:06:51) Adding a Background Image 

 (1:12:08) Creating Bullets for Shooting 

 (1:26:21) Shooting Multiple Bullets at Space Invaders 

 (1:34:24) Collision Detection 

 (1:48:05) Creating Multiple Enemies 

 (1:55:08) Adding Text and Displaying Score 

 (2:03:17) Adding Sounds and Background Music 

 (2:09:05) Game Over 

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