SEO Checklist for E-Commerce Company

Keyword Considerations : 

Conduct detailed research on keyword your target customers use to find your products.

Scope out the competition for your keywords using SEMrush and Open SIte Explorer. Focus each page on primary keyword or phrase.

Determine secondary keywords for each page.

Optimized your homepage for your brand name.

Social Meta Integration

Include Social share buttons on all appropriate pages.

Make sure your content is shareable.

Clearly display links to your social media accounts on your home page in header or footer.

Bounce Tip: People love to share what they just purchased to there friends on social media. include this capability on your e-commerce site.

Internal Links

Link to a releavant variety of internal page on your site not just your home page.

Ensure that your anchor text differs from the page title it`s linked to.

Page Descriptions 

Be brief: page descriptions should be 100-150 words.

Include primary and secondary keywords.

Avoid keywords stuffing your page descriptions.

Be sure your copy is original (avoid manufacturer-provided descriptions) and proofread by a professional editor.

Page Content

Use your primary Keyword 2-5 times; include secondary keywords where relevant.

Provide engage and creative content type: videos, interviews, podcasts, infographics, surveys, etc.

Deliver a value proposition and call to action.


Put your brand name in your URL.

Separate each word in your URL with a dash.

Structure your URLs logically and consistently. Use category and filters to accomplish this.

Page Title

Keep your page title Under 70 characters.

Always include your primary keywords.

Create specific and unique titles.

Never keyword stuff your titles.

Page Load Times

Have page load in under 3 seconds (shoot for 1.5).

Size images appropriately (suggested: 325 x 550 pixels).

Use .gif .jpg or .png formates.

Minimize the plugines you use on your site - these can show your site down.

Turn off trackbacks and pingbacks.

Use Google pageSpeed Insights.

Website Error

Signup for Google Webmaster search Console or used SEMrush SEO audit and check regulary for page errors.

Set up and submit a sitemap.

Set up redirects for pages that no longer exist.

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