SEO Trends That Will Affect Your Website

As SEO gets more sophisticated, more and more businesses are employing a combination of proven strategies and new techniques just to get in front of SERPs. Moreover, while we have seen a lot of developments in search landscape over the past recent years, they are nothing compared to what’s coming in the years to come.

Shifts in the search industry such as mobile search, social search, and voice search have significantly changed the way people discover content online. At the same time, the rise of messaging apps and personal assistants has presented new challenges which SEO must continue to overcome in 2018.

Digital Marketing Philippines share their SEO trends for 2018 in this infographic.

Here’s what they cover:

  • The rise of digital assistants
  • How to succeed with SERP features
  • The mobile-first index
  • The need for speed
  • Developments in visual search
  • “Link-less” backlinks
  1. Check out the infographic for more detail.
  2. The Rise of Digital Assistants
  3. Succeeding with Serp Features
  4. The Mobile - First Index
  5. The Need for Speed
  6. Development in Visual Search
  7. Link - Less Backlinks

SEO Trends in 2018 (Infographic) - An Infographic from Digital Marketing Philippines

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