SQL Tutorial For Beginners

📝Following topics are covered in this SQL Tutorial video:

01:13- What is Data?

02:22- What is Database?

04:15- Why need a Database?

08:20- Database Management System(DBMS)

10:19- Introduction to SQL

11:40- Relational Databases

14:17- Sample SQL Query

16:20- SQL vs NoSQL

18:00- Applications of SQL

21:00- Basics of SQL

21:28- SQL Tables: Fields

21:58- SQL Tables: Records

23:18- SQL Tables: Datatypes

25:50- CRUD Operations

26:42- What can SQL do?

28:10- CRUD Operation Demo

38:00- Installation of SQL Server

45:32- Data Types in SQL

46:10- Different Data Types in SQL

51:30- Create Table Syntax

54:16- Insert Query Syntax

57:55- Select Statement Syntax

01:00:53- Select Distinct Syntax

01:02:20- Where Clause in SQL

01:05:10- Operators in SQL

01:17:37- Functions in SQL

01:26:00- Order By and Top Clause in SQL

01:29:40- Group By Clause in SQL

01:33:13- Having Clause in SQL

01:36:04- Update Statement in SQL

01:39:24- Delete Statement in SQL

01:41:18- Truncate Statement in SQL

01:42:22- Joins in SQL

02:02:43- Union Operator in SQL

02:05:27- Except Operator in SQL

02:07:10- Intersect Operator

02:09:05- Views in SQL

02:11:45- Alter Table in SQL

02:14:32- Merge Statement in SQL

02:20:10- User Defined Functions in SQL

02:26:40- Temporary Table in SQL

02:29:30- Case Statement in SQL

02:34:23- IIF Function in SQL

02:38:04- Stored Procedure in SQL

02:43:16- Exceptional Handling

02:43:25- Try/Catch Blocks in SQL

02:47:45- Transactions in SQL

02:52:38- Database Administrator

02:52:50- Roles of Database Administrator

02:54:22- Types of DBA

02:56:12- Intro to MS SQL Servers

03:02:24- SQL Server Sysytem Databases

03:04:08- Quiz

03:04:40- Backup & Restore of Database

03:05:18- Restoring "AdventureWoks" Database through GUI

03:07:25- Recovery Models

03:18:54- Quiz

03:19:17- Dynamic Management Views

03:20:04- Catagories of DMV's

03:24:30- Activity Monitor

03:25:00- Starting Activity Monitor

03:27:25- System Monitor/Performance Monitor

03:30:20- Working with SQL Server Profiler

03:32:02- Quiz

03:32:36- Data Integrity

03:32:52- Categories of Data Integrity in SQL

03:33:45- Index in SQL

03:34:15- Types of Indexes in SQL

03:37:07- Fragmentation in SQL

03:39:15- Rebuilding in SSMS

03:40:43- Quiz

03:40:56- SQL Job Trend

03:41:20- SQL Interview Questions

This SQL Full Course video will cover all the topics of Structured Query Language (SQL) starting from scratch. This video is great for beginners who want to learn SQL and for professionals who want to brush up their SQL skills.

The following topics are covered in this video:

2:00What is RDBMS?

2:54Normalization in DBMS

3:44Normalization Types in DBMS

10:00Data Types in SQL ***Database Commands***

17:03Create Database Objects

25:04Alter Table Statements

30:47Drop Table Statements

32:05Various Constraints

57:54Creating Views ***Table Commands***

1:02:18Insert Statements

1:07:47Insert – As- Select Statement

1:13:58Update Statements

1:20:05Delete Statements

1:22:47Select Statement

1:28:01Select Statement: Alias

1:31:39Select Statement: Distinct Values


1:36:20Filtering ***Comparison Operators***

1:45:29NOT IN





1:52:37CASE Expression ***Joins***



1:58:36Inner Join

2:14:24Left outer Join

2:19:46Right outer Join

2:24:32Full outer join

2:28:12Cross Join ***Functions***

2:34:17SQL Built-in Functions

2:37:20Conversion Function

2:42:16Logical Functions

2:48:44Math Function

2:54:45Aggregate Functions

3:02:28String Functions

3:09:00Date & Time Functions

3:11:55Custom Functions

3:19:01Stored Procedure

3:43:44User Defined Functions


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