404 Page In Magento 2

The 404 page not found is one of the most common web errors, but you can also generate sales from it. This is how you can customize .

How to Configure Sitemap in Magento 2

Configuring the sitemap in Magento 2 Admin allows you to apply an awesome Magento tool with a document file which contains all of the website’s URL and possibly direct people to any page on Magento stores quickly.

Robots.txt in Magento-2

robot.txt is important to any website that is working on a site SEO. Particularly, when you configure the sitemap to allow search engines to index your store, it is necessary to give web crawlers the instructions in the robot.txt file to avoid indexing the disallowed sites.

Wish List Configuration in Magento 2

Configure the Wish List. On the Admin Panel, Stores > Settings > Configuration . Under Customer , click Wish List tab. Open the General Option section, choose Yes to enable the list.

Tax Rules in Magento 2

magento 2 extension. Managing tax is a complex task. This is truer if you are running an e-commerce store that needs to manage taxes based on the city in the US region. Magento native does not have the feature to manage the tax rates based on the city.

36 Ai Tools For Marketers

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Magento 2 Features list

Magento 2 Features list

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